A major development has been achieved in the product area, HAUSER jig grinding, in Biel. A new wheelhead has been developed for the model series 45 and 55.

HAUSER jig grinding machines traditionally cater to the niche of highly accurate grinding work in tool and mold fabrication, as well as grinding production of demanding small series. The new development realized by HAUSER is aimed at a pronounced increase in productivity as well as a significant improvement in achievable processing precision. At the same time, the ability to do hard machining by grinding is supplemented with expanded possibilities for fine milling, analogous to HSC milling.

To be precise, this is achieved through a new jig wheelhead. This, with the classic characteristics of the Z axis combined with the C and U axes, represents a new, previously unknown dimension of performance and capacity on the market.

Here, a Z axis with highly dynamic oscillation capabilities was realized using linear motors. The C axis is designed with a hydrostatic bearing, which permits highly accurate planetary grinding with roundness in the sub-micron range. The new design of the U axis also has a unique, large capacity for movement.

A great deal of attention was paid to preventing the effects of thermal expansion, to ensure that the sought-after improvements in precision were actually achieved.

Overall, an unusually high degree of system rigidity, previously unknown in jig grinding, has been achieved by this new solution, providing a range of improvements, such as

  • a pronounced increase in performance capabilities.
  • new combinations of use with grinding and hard milling
  • clear improvements in precision in respect to achievable bore roundness
  • previously unimagined possibilities for automation and variations in bore grinding, mold grinding, profile grinding and every kind of conical processing

HAUSER jig grinding machines fitted with this new wheelhead are available immediately in the new model series H45 and H55. The machine frames take into account the performance increases of the new wheelhead, which is why they have been given a heavier construction. On exhibition at the AMB is the HAUSER H45-400 and corresponds, in terms of size, to the previous S45-400. A full scale machine can be viewed in Hall 8, Stand D16.