Akiyama Seiko manufactures secondary processed products from special steel (free-cutting stainless steel, free-cutting steel, medium-carbon steel, high-carbon steel, etc.) which are used as component parts for precision machinery and electronic equipment.

Stepping up to an excellent performance

In ASK, we are working together to pursue high precision on a company-wide basis to improve on manufacturing processes and establishing new technologies.

pst_img1Narrow tolerance at Outer diameter of the CG Bar

ASK’s long-standing processing technology and creative ingenuity will provide narrow tolerance products.

Case Example: Dimensional tolerance of + 0 / 0.004 mm against outer diameter 19.00 mm



High straightness shaft Bar

Straightness of the shaft greatly affects product characteristics.  ASK is focused on developing technology to ensure high straightness through continuous research and development.  

Case Example: Runout 0.01 mm or less against span 300 mm



Internal Stress Release

After the cold drawn process, the internal stress remains in the steel.   Quality of the finished parts after the turning or heat-treatment is negatively affected by this internal stress.

ASK has established a cold working technology to reduce internal stresses, and has received a high reputation from customers.



High precision grinding of nonferrous metals and resins

The grinding processing technology cultivated with ASK has made it possible not only for metal products but also high-precision processing of nonferrous metals such as brass and aluminum and various resins.