Founded in 1857, Huron is a manufacturer of machining centers in France with a long tradition and success.  Huron’s production plants and headquarters are located in the Alsace region, the hub of precision industries in France such as aviation, energy, locomotives and automobiles. It is just 10 minutes from Strasbourg International Airport.

Huron is famous for its revolutionary double rotary milling head design in 1890.

Huron is famous for the company that developed the revolutionary double rotary milling head in 1890.

Huron was named after founder Pierre Philippe Huré. Early Huron products include both conventional and unusual designs of vertical and horizontal milling machines, backgeared and screwcutting lathes, horizontal borers and gear-cutting machines.



[Pictured] Patented in 1880, this unusual Huron combination miller had separate horizontal and vertical milling units that shared a column able to be rotated so as to bring each into position over the table. The machine was built in four sizes, the smallest being man-driven by a pedal-operated flywheel.


The Huron symbol, the revolutionary double rotary milling head, was first exhibited at the 18th industrial fair, Grandes Usines.

Huron continues to play an important role in the field of machine tools in Europe today. Huron’s production plant and headquarters are only 10 minutes from the Strasbourg International Airport in the Alsace region, the heart of the electrical and mechanical engineering industry.