Spindle repair services since 2000

Located in Baden-Wuerttemberg region (capital Stuttgart), Kern has been providing professional spindle repairs services for grinding, milling and turning spindles since 2000.  Kern repairs about 800 spindles per year.

Strong reputation for workmanship

Kern’s focus on quality of repaires and dedicated staff has earned a strong reputation for its workmanship. It is a great complement to receive a complement from customers that Kern’s services is better than the original manufacturer.

“Many thanks for the quick repair, excellent customer support and cooperation in repairing our StepTec spindle. A special thank you and a special word of praise to the service technician, who visited us and fixed the spindle. We never had a StepTec spindle running that smoothly! We’re looking forward to future service and cooperation with KERN Spindelfullservice! ” – Maik Widowski, KIEFER Werkzeugbau GmbH

Thoroughly tested with state of the art equipment, failure analysis


Kerns’s dedication for quality is supported by its process to repairs according to DIN ISO 1940 and state of the art testing equipments. Kern’s service range includes contract balancing technology (according to DIN ISO 1940), grinding technology, measuring and testing technology. Kern has a complete machine shop with the ability to grind tool cones completely.

Kern dismantle and analyze the spindle and inform the customer about the condition and failure report with the causes and improvement measures for the machine, including a detailed cost estimate.

Vast experience with high quality spindles from European makers

Kern’s repairs about 800 spindle per year and has experience in repairing (not limited to) following list of spindles,

Kessler, Fischer, Weiss, Renaud, Omlat, Deuschle, Blohm, Reckerth, Fiege, Fortuna, SLF, SPL, IMT, Voumard, Blombach, StepTec, GMN, Mikron, Grob, Gamfior, Hessap, UVA, IBAG, HüllerHille, Chiron, DMG, Unior, HS-Tec, Cocom, Moore, UKF, Hurco, ABA, Bridgeport, Jukomet