Mikron is manufacturer of high performance tools for technology leading customers looking for high productivity, high precision solutions.

One of Mikron Tool’s well known product is solid carbide deep hole drills highly suitable for machining titanium and stainless steels.


Mikron Tools are suitable for typical applications

  • Cross hole drilling
  • Deep holes with through coolant
  • Solid carbide Slitting cutters for automotive application as well as aerospace etc .
  • Deburring ,Chamfering (front and back) endmills for difficult to reach edges /spaces.
  • Micro-Endmills
  • Carbide Slitting cutters

Amazing performance Mikron Tool’s drill can be seen in the following video.

Mikron Tools offers standardized tools of tungsten carbide for centering, chamfering and drilling, for milling and deburring in the diameter range from 0.1 to 6 mm (.004” to .236”).

In the area of customer-specific tools, the offer comprises the centering and chamfering, milling, turning, grinding or deburring and up to complex combination tools in the diameter range between 0.1 mm and 32 mm (.004” and 1.260”).