Last forty years with precision manufacturing

OTRA was founded in 1974 with a mission to spread high precision manufacturing in Korea. OTRA recently celebrated 40th year birthday with friends and families looking back what we have achieved together and look toward even better future.

From the ashes, Korea industrialized with astonishing speed. It is remarkable what we have accomplished last fifty years. Today, Korea is the first in ship building, the first in semiconductor, the second in LCD and the fifth in automobile manufacturing in the world.

Behind this remarkable accomplishment is all of you who are here today to who led high precision manufacturing in Korea. Also there was a generous support from friends in Europe who have helped us with technology and equipment to enable high precision manufacturing including Mikron of Switzerland.

With our belief that high technology is the only way to elevate Korea to advanced industrialized nation, OTRA committed itself to spread of high precision technology and equipment. OTRA has been a trustful partner to our customers.

Standing here in front of friends and families, I would like to make a promise that OTRA will not forget the its founding mission to spread high precision technology in Korea and support your success. OTRA will meet any hardship and overcome any challenge with you.


– From Michael Lee’s Speech