Founded in 1920, Haefeli manufactured sintered diamond and CBN grinding tools in Zurich since 1949.

Haefeli tools is well known for their focus on precision. In particular the original Haefeli grinding pencils, with sintered versions as small as 0.18 mm in diameter is unmatched in the industry.



Haefeli’s product range

Diamond and CBN grinding wheels

Product range available from ∅ 6 mm up to ∅ 400 mm.


CBN and diamond grinding pins

Product range start from as small as ∅ 0,18 mm


Dressing Tools


Polishing Tools

Polishing pastes in syringes with 5 gr. (20gr. availabe on demand) and hand files for treating the edge of cutting tools (burrs and radiuses).



Restore the bite of your resin-ceramic and metal bonded cBN and diamond grinding tools with the HACO-FLEX grinding layer regenerator. The flexible HACO-FLEX is pressed either by hand or by machine without a coolant into the bonding material, ideally with a reduced cutting rate. It penetrates deeply and, like an erasing rubber, it cleans out the gaps until the abrasive grains protrude by about 1/3 from the bonding material.


Special Applications

Some grinding problems seem unsolvable at first glance in particular when developing new products or rearranging the production. We have quickly and flexibly created custom-made grinding tools for such tasks in small as well as large quantities. Simply ask us if you need a custom grinding wheel.