Automobile industry is tending to reduce the number of suppliers.   Customer’s objective to reach cost performance target has never been so important.

Tornos enable customers to reduce costs by maximizing productivity.   Tornos customers benefits from the latest know-how.  As a supplier to the car industry, customer’s challenge includes the following in particular :

1. Shorter and shorter times to execute parts
2. Versatility of orders and part upgrades
3. Ever growing pressure on prices
4. Very demanding requirements at quality, tolerance and statistical inspection levels.

Reactivity : large batches are broken down in small lots according to the demand, with very short deliveries.  Customer’s ability to guarantee compliance with these parameters is one of your best means of success.

Tornos is focused on meeting customer requirements.  The experience Tornos has gained in the automotible sector is a benefit Tornos customer base as a whole.

Tornos has been developing products marketed throughout the world for more than 120 years and the company’s reputation speaks for itself.
The experience Tornos has gained in the car industry over the last 45 years means that Tornos can offer high-performance machining solutions for customer’s parts.

Tornos currently offers a full range of MultiSwiss solutions for producing parts measuring 4 to 32 mm in diameter