The Magnetfinish(MF) technology is a new mechanical process for technical surfaces. The magnetic powder works during the process as an elastic tool. Surfaces will be smoothed till a roughness of Ra = 0,02 micrometers.


– Workpiece is positioned in a magnetic field created by magnetic disc
– The gap between workpiece and disc is filled with an processing powder
– The processing powder is both abrasiv and magnetizable
– Bonding the processing powder in magnetic field allows high speed movement
– The direction the powder hits the surface is controlled by programs

: Highest productiv treatment of surfaces, universally usable.



Honing of cutting edges on steel, carbide, CBN, PCD, etc.
Polishing the flute of cutting tools (drills, deephole drills, endmills, taps, etc.)
Polishing after coating, removing of droplets.
Deburring on steel, tap, HSS drills, medical tools, components, etc.
Combined applications for tools and components, e.g. honing of cutting edges and polishing of flutes, e.g. deburring of edges and polishing sealfaces.


Extending lifetime, improved adhasion of following coating layer.
Better chipflow, increased productivity of tools, decreasing of roughness till Ra 0.02 micron.
Reducing friction, increased productivity of tools.
Avoiding of the running phase, extending lifetime, better work results.
All results in only one run, highest productivity.