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Kern spindle service range includes contract balancing technology (according to DIN ISO 1940), grinding technology, measuring and testing technology. Kern has a complete machine shop with the ability to grind tool cones completely.

Kern dismantles and analyze the spindle and inform the customer about the condition and failure report with the causes and improvement measures for the machine, including a detailed cost estimate.

┬áKern complete our full-service spindle range with the repair of main and tool change spindles of all turning and milling centers (manufacturer independent). The spindle construction and bearing doesn’t matter.


The spindle is repair to mint condition

– Inspection of appearance
– Incoming test, force test, sensor test, encoder test, seals test
– Dismantling
– Execute stator check-up, insulation test
– Clean parts and refurbish
– Clean cooling system
– Calibrate bearing seat of shaft and case, measurement of bearing seats under add carry :
constant temperature conditions in regard to dimension, circularity and cylindrical shape
– Renew set of bearing, Hybrid – Ceramic DLS
– Shaft cone HSK-63 laser welding and grinding with measurement protocol
– Stator new winding (Pos.2), if necessary
– Revision clamping system
– New clamping set
– New lock screw
– New sealing sleeve
– New rotary encoder Lenord + Bauer
– New encoder receptacle Siemens 17-pol.
– Renew all connection fittings, if necessary
– Complete balancing of shaft with clamping system
– Adjust bearing pretension
– Level run out
– Check clamping force HSK
– Check and adjust sensors
– Dynamic function check on Siemens test station
– Permanent screening of bearing temperature during the test run
– Bearing condition measurement
– Vibration measurement
– Clamping force measurement
– Execute leakage test for inner cooling system 60 bar
– Complete balancing of spindle
– Compile new inspection protocol.