REP international ( is a World leader in rubber machinery with 100-year-old success story.  The REP company has been selling injection molding machines since 1948. Very early on, REP understood the importance of polymers and elastomers to industry and decided to specialize in the rubber injection technology.

REP’s distinguish itself from the competitions based of superior technologies




Closing Unit:


The traverse castings of the frame have been specifically designed for each type of press to provide excellent rigidity. Deformation of the plates under load is less than 0.10 mm.  This special REP feature, combined with the shoulderless columns, ensures constant parallelism as well as exceptional tooling durability and guarantees the dimensional quality of the parts.

Injection Unit: 


The Y-structure: is a proven principle. The separation of the plasticization and injection functions, associated with the regulation system, gives the entire injection unit unrivalled accuracy and regularity in the elastomer injection process.

For the same volume, the REP injection technique, with separation of the plasticizing and injection functions, means an injection plunger diameter 25% smaller than with the FIFO technique. For the same injected volume, the REP injection unit is twice as accurate as a FIFO injection unit.  Metering accuracy is further improved by programming the extruder to slow down before the set point is reached.

Cure Time Reduction Technologies:

TurboCure is a patented solution for improving quality and productivity while saving energy.   TurboCure reduces cure time up to 50% without compromising compound integrity.   TurboCure consists of TempInverter and FillBalancer modules, that can be applied together or individually depending on the application.  Turbocure can increase the average temperature of the material without the laminar effect.

By reversing the thermal distribution in the rubber flow, TempInverter reduces cure times up to 30%, providing 15 % energy-savings.  In the mould, by rebalancing filling between the cavities, FillBalancer modifies the distribution of temperature in the flow as far as the cavities and makes it possible to reduce the cure time by up to 40%.

The TurboCure solution was awarded several prizes: REP got the AFICEP”s innovation award in 2008 for TempInverter and Beaumont Technologies got the Best of Erie Award 2009 for Fill Balancer.

Energy Savings

Between 1997 and 2010, energy consumption on REP rubber injection molding presses was reduced by 70%.   Servo Dive & Drive is an electro-hydraulic solution associated to heat eco management.  It allows reducing significantly global energy consumption in the continuity of the efforts made by REP over the past 15 years.


[Figure: Reductions in energy use on REP presses over the past 15 years]

Advantage of Servo Dive & Drive Technologies

  1. Low-energy consumption
    • Near zero water or powered fan requirement thanks to natural cooling of the pump
    • Reduced cycle time through better system responsiveness
  2. Improved Reliability
    • Optimal lubrication of mechanical parts
    • Very few parts in motion
    • Better aspiration
  3. Easy maintenance
    • No need to empty the tank
    • Oil-immersed servomotor-driven pump
    • Simple mechanism
    • Very few hydraulic hose

Electric Valve Gate Cold Runner Block

ServoBloc is an electric valve-gated cold runner block for rubber and LSR.  ServoBloc is suited to a large range of rubber compounds, soft to hard, from silicone to FKM, ServoBloc is fully integrated in your rubber injection press (retrofit is possible).

  1. Sequential diagnostic
  2. Closed loop control of the speed and position of the valves
  3. Gate size is a settable parameter
  4. No risk of oil contamination